This article is about creating variable links. These will allow you to have a single popup that redirects viewers who click on the link to a different website depending on what the streamer has set

By the end of this article, you will be able to create variable links, get them working with your various sponsors, and have individual streamers' links redirect viewers to different websites

Use Cases

Before we go into how to set your variable links, let's start by going over some possible reasons why you would want to set this up

1. You want streamers within your organization to grow their personal social accounts

  • Through IGNTE's variable links you could create a single banner image that has the Twitter icon and text that says something like "Follow your favorite streamers"

  • Then each streamer could set up their variable links such that when a viewer clicks on this ad they will be taken to the Twitter page of whoever they are currently watching

  • This is a great way to grow all of your streamers' social following without having to make individual advertisements for each and every one

2. You have affiliate links set up for each of your streamers

  • Having unique affiliate links for each of your streamers is a great advantage in producing revenue

  • Through IGNTE's variable links you could easily set things up such that you only need to create a single sponsor to have viewers taken to their respective streamer's affiliate link

  • Create an image that shows the product and then your streamers will be able to easily set up their own affiliate links

3. Any instance where you have a single advertisement that you want to lead to different links depending on the streamer

Step 1

Start by heading to your Organization Details Page -

Step 2

Click on the Variable Links tab

Step 3

Click on + Add Link at the bottom corner of the page

Step 4

Fill out the information and click Add

  • The Name field is simply to help you keep track of your variable links

  • The Default Link field is what the link will direct to if a streamer's own variable link has not been set up yet

  • The Link must start with field is a way to help you ensure that streamers are entering the correct links. For instance, you could enter here to ensure that streamers are correctly inputting their Twitter links

Step 5

Congratulations you have just created your first variable link

Now, we will go through how to connect this to a sponsor that you have created and then how to assign unique links for each of your streamers

If you do not know how to create a sponsor or need a refresher click here

Step 6

Go to your Sponsors page -

Step 7

Create a new sponsor or edit an existing sponsor and choose Variable Link under the Add a link section

Then choose the variable link you created earlier from the dropdown menu

Make sure to save these changes

Step 8

Congratulations you have just linked that sponsor with the variable link you created

Keep in mind that a single variable link can be connected to several different sponsors, but a single sponsor can only ever have one variable link

Step 9

Go to your Team Members page -

If you do not know how to add team members or need a refresher click here

Step 10

Click View Profile of the streamer that you would like to add variable links for

Keep in mind that a streamer also has the ability to log into their own IGNTE account and set up their own personal variable links. An org manager account will be able to easily set up all the streamer accounts as well

Step 11

Create on the Variable Links tab on the streamer's profile page

There you will see fields for each of the variable links you have created. Enter the specific link you wish shown whenever the sponsor connected to this variable link is shown

Step 12

Congratulations you have just connected a streamer to your variable link. Now, whenever a connected sponsor is shown viewers of this streamer will be taken to the streamer specific link

Repeat step 11 for each streamer you wish to add to this variable link

Notes on Variable Links

  • If a streamer has not set up their specific link for a variable link the default link that you have entered will be shown instead

  • You can create as many variable links as you would like so feel free to get creative

All done!

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