This article will walk you through linking a Twitch account with our platform and creating the appropriate source in obs

By the end of this short read, you should have sponsor ads running on your stream

Step 1

Click Link Account on your dashboard

Step 2

You will be taken to the Account Details section of the menu

Click Link Account in the bottom right

Step 3

You will be taken to

Enter the information and then click Log-In

Then click Authorize

You will be redirected back to the Linked Accounts section where you will now be able to see your Twitch account

Step 4

Click Copy Overlay Link

This saves your overlay link in your clipboard for you to use later

Step 5

Open your broadcasting software of choice (OBS, SLOBS, XSplit, etc...) and add a Browser Source to your scene

Create a new source and name it

Step 6

Fill out the following information to format the browser source:

  1. Paste the overlay link you copied from Step 4 into the url field

  2. Set the width to 400

  3. Set the height to 150

  4. Click Done

Step 7

Place the browser source you just created wherever you would like the sponsor graphic to appear on your stream

Feel free to move this graphic around and use it in multiple scenes

I placed the browser source below my webcam so viewers are more likely to notice it

Step 8

Restart your streaming software and our platform handles the rest. Congratulations you have set up your sponsor overlay link on your obs!

Great news

You will not have to do this for every new sponsor your org shows. We handle all the annoying stuff like updating the source and showing ads

Your dashboard will now automatically update with metrics showing how your sponsor is performing on your stream. Just go live and watch the numbers start changing

Need help?

If you have any questions or need help with our platform and website, reach out to us by clicking the icon in the bottom right

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