This article will walk you through your first steps as a new user, give you info about the main sections on our dashboard, and guide you to the other articles in our Getting Started collection

By the end of this short read, you will be well on your way to a streamlined future in org management

If you have not already made an account you can do so by heading to our website and reading this article that walks you through the signup process

Dashboard Map

Our dashboard features a single sidebar and just a few important tiles to make your first steps in understanding it a breeze

  1. Home - Click this to return back to your dashboard from wherever you are

  2. Dashboard - This is where you currently are. The sidebar will denote what page you are currently on by highlighting the selection

  3. Team Members - Invite members, update information, link accounts, and more. This article goes into more detail about everything you can do on the Team Members page

  4. Sponsors - Create sponsors to run on live streams, edit advertisements, and more. This article goes into more detail about everything you can do in the Sponsors section

  5. Help - Head over to our wiki to read articles like the one you are currently reading

  6. Dashboard Tiles - We use tiles to convey the more important information. Initially, you will be shown tiles that take you to the Team Member and Sponsor pages

  7. Menu - Access account details and sign out from your account here

What to do next?

The two core functions of our platform are:

  1. Showing the graphics you created on your org members' streams

  2. Giving you access to a purpose-built database that streamlines org admin

Your first steps in utilizing this powerful platform will be to create an advertisement and invite your org members

Let's start by walking you through the creation of a sponsor graphic

If you have already done that, then learn about how to add team members here

Need help?

If you have any questions or need help with our platform and website, reach out to us by clicking the icon in the bottom right

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